Campbell Blueberry Farm

Strawberry season may be over for Rowan County, but that won’t stop our pick-your-own farms from bringing joy to visitors. It is finally blueberry season! Here in Rowan County, we have five original spots where you can pick or purchase these sweet, juicy blueberries, and if you’re looking for some new summer fun for you and your family, this activity is perfect.


Campbell Blueberry Farm

2275 River Road

Richfield, NC 28137


Located on River Road in Richfield, N.C. on the Rowan County line is Campbell Blueberry Farm. It is here that every June and July you will find tons of organic blueberries ready to be picked. The farm is known for not using any pesticides or herbicides during their planting or growing process, and when you arrive, they’ll have a bucket ready to hand over to you to start picking. This year the farm is open Tuesday through Saturday from 8:30 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. (unless it’s raining) until the blueberries are gone for the season.


Pine Top Farm

830 Majolica Rd.

Salisbury, NC 28146


Pine Top Farm may be known for their cut-and-choose Christmas trees around each holiday season, but their blueberries are just as impressive. This July, Pine Top Farm will be opening their gates for you and your family to pick-your-own, so you are sure to grab the very best! Worried about picking to many? Don’t even fret. Pine Top Farm offers a unique selection of recipes on their website so none of your blueberries will go to waste!


Talia Farms

4445 Goodman Lake Rd.

Salisbury, NC 28146


This “we-pick-for-you” farm is located in Salisbury N.C. and is open Wednesdays and Fridays noon to 6 P.M., and Saturdays 8 A.M. to noon. Talia Farms may not be a pick-your-own farm, but that doesn’t stop them from getting people out to buy their amazing berries. That must be why you can purchase up to 9 lbs. of blueberries at a time! If picking them isn’t your forte, we recommend letting Talia Farms do the dirty work for you so you can enjoy fresh blueberries without lifting a finger! 


Keeper Creek Farm

1679 Triplett Rd.

Mount Ulla, NC 27013


With 1,200 blueberry bushes, fruit trees, blackberries and raspberries, Keeper Creek Farm offers plenty of sweet, farm fresh fun. The farm grows an impressive garden every year out of which they harvest and sell produce, and create jams, jellies and pickles from. You may think the fun stops there, but they sell honey from their own bees, as well! Come check out Keeper Creek Farm this harvest season to claim your basket of blueberries.


Two Pigs Farm

740 Hewitt Rd.

Cleveland, NC 27013


This farm might be known for their free range guineas, chickens and alpacas, but for Two Pigs Farm, it doesn't just stop at adorable farm animals. From 7 A.M. to noon on most days, they open their fields where you can pick-your-own never sprayed blueberries. Not a blueberry fan? Don't fret! They have peaches and blackberries to satisfy all your sweet summer fruit cravings available for you to pick, as well. While you're there, be sure to pick up some other fresh produce they grow like their lettuce, kale, watermelon, tomatoes and hot peppers. For information, directions, check-in and hours, be sure to contact Two Pigs Farm before your arrival!


Elium Berry Farm

2085 Lake Rd.

Salisbury, NC 28146


This final berry farm doesn’t stop at just blueberries! At Elium Berry Farm, this time of year you will discover freshly produced blueberries, blackberries, potatoes, corn, honey and a lot more. Located in Salisbury, N.C. just off Lake Road, Elium Berry Farm is open and ready for you to come purchase their scrumptious berries! Drop by Monday through Friday 1:30 P.M. to 5 P.M. and Saturdays 10 A.M. to 2 P.M. and taste the sweetness for yourself this blueberry season.


In addition to blueberries, Rowan County has a lot of other sweet things to offer this summer. For more ideas for your next summer trip to Rowan County, check out all our things to do in the area!