In Rowan County, NC we’re passionate about originality, and one of the things that make us an original is our deep agricultural roots and our vibrant arts scene.

We want to make sure everyone has a chance to experience Rowan County’s agricultural history and artistic flair, which is why we’re bringing Rowan Arts & Ag back for a second year! What's Art & Ag? It's a series of events dedicated to celebrating the agriculture and art that have made our county and our state a thriving and rewarding place to live and visit! This celebration is for our locals and visitors, the young and old, the artist and farmer, and everyone in between!

Join us from April through November to celebrate Rowan Arts & Ag with a series of events that combine farm fun and arts galore. From self-guided tours of farms and artisans, farm-to-table dinners, large outdoor festivals and more; there’s something for everyone! Rowan Arts & Ag is a true experience for learning just how important agriculture and the arts are, not just in Rowan County, but all throughout our state!


Did you know…

There are 50,218 farms in North Carolina? These farms our state one of the most diversified agricultural states in the United States?

39 Million people attend Arts and Cultural events annually in North Carolina?

There are 80 different commodities grown in North Carolina? Including more tobacco and sweet potatoes than any other state in America!

17% of North Carolina’s work force is comprised of farming related jobs?

Art contributes to 72,000 full time jobs in North Carolina?

Farming contributes $84 billion per year to North Carolina’s economy?

Art is a $2.12 billion industry in North Carolina?


Now you can see why we’re so excited to celebrate Rowan Arts & Ag! Join us for our celebration! Explore our events, learn more about Arts & Agriculture in North Carolina and find ways to participate by visiting our website.



Facts taken from the North Carolina Arts Council and the NC Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services.