In Rowan County, NC we’re passionate about originality, and one of the things that make us an original is our deep agricultural roots and our vibrant arts scene. Did you realize there are more than 40 working farms in Rowan County? It's true. Agriculture is our second largest economy. 


Our farms want to make sure everyone has a chance to experience Rowan County's agricultural history and artistic flair, which is why they've organized the 3rd annual Rowan Arts & Ag Farm Tour on June 5, 2021 from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. The Rowan Arts & Ag Farm Tour is dedicated to celebrating the agriculture and art that have made our county and our state a thriving and rewarding place to live and visit. This tour is for locals and visitors, the young and old, the artist and farmers, and everyone in between!


The Rowan Arts & Ag Farm Tour is:

  • Free & Open to the Public

  • Educational & Entertaining for All Ages

  • A Rare Opportunity to Meet Some of Rowan County's 40+ Working Farmers

  • An Opportunity to Explore the Growing and Diverse Art Community

  • A Chance to Purchase Fresh-from-the-Farm Produce


The Arts & Ag Farm Tour will give you the opportunity to experience select Rowan County farms first hand. In a unique combination of the county’s rich farm heritage and vibrant arts culture, visitors will learn about local farms and find working artists exhibiting their talent. Take time to visit with artists during your visit to each farm. You’ll find hand-crafted jewelry, decorative glass, photography, fiber, leather, mixed media, metal works, sculpture, wood, clay, watercolor, drawings, and decorative arts. This self-guided tour features 7 notable Rowan County farms and Ag Education locations with artists at each site. Bring your family and friends and enjoy a sneak peek into the talent of the working farmers and artists that make the county a true original.


This Year's Sites Include:

  1. Tranquility Farms

  2. Lutheridge Farm

  3. Ray Horton Farm Inc.

  4. Hoffner Organic Farms

  5. Rowan County Life Museum

  6. Evans Family Farm

  7. West Rowan High School FFA


This self-guided tour is the first of it's kind in North Carolina, and it's found right here in Rowan County. This outdoor experience is perfect for a full day of entertainment and education for all ages. While you're in Rowan County, we invite you to eat, play, shop and stay.